Are Your Profit Margins Being Swept Away?

by Ronald R., Mar-Co Equipment

Mar-Co Equipment can help you reduce your street sweeping operating costs in ways that others can’t.

Free lifetime operator training!

Mar-Co Equipment provides customers with free lifetime operator training for its TYMCO line of sweepers. Mar-Co Equipment is here to help combat the challenge and cost of training new street sweeper operators. Training also ensures that current staff stays up to date on any issues with their TYMCO fleet. Free operator training is available by simply setting an appointment with your Mar-Co Territory Representative. Call Mar-Co today to take advantage of this cost saving benefit.

Make the switch to TYMCO sweepers! From parking lot sweeping contractors all the way up to large municipalities TYMCO remains the best choice for street sweeping. TYMCO sweepers remain the best value due to their lower cost to maintain design. TYMCO sweepers have little to no grease points that cut down the time and cost of maintenance substantially. TYMCO sweepers also feature a patented cyclonic, multipass, centrifugal dust separator that spins the fine dust particles down into the hopper which allows the operator to use less water during sweeping. Finally, TYMCO’s lightweight aluminum blower wheel will save on energy consumption as it requires less horsepower to operate. If you want to start cutting those operating costs, call Mar-Co Equipment today to set up a demo!